Welcome to thegreenjumper.org, the personal and collective website of me, Sarah Dvojack, featuring a lot of art, a lot of fiction, and a lot of ephemera.

disclaimer: Unless otherwise specified, the content on this site belongs to its owner. Said content includes artwork and fiction that is not to be reproduced in any form without express written permission. Derivative work is accepted as long as credit is given where credit is due.

Also, if you are underage in your respective country, please understand that I am not liable for the trouble you might get into if you look at my more adult-oriented works, as I provide warnings on anything that has potentially sensitive content. I am over twenty one years of age and not interested in corrupting anyone unless they have their parents' permission. Along those same lines, if you find sexuality of any variety, violence, drug use, or swearing offensive enough to want to bother me about how offended you are, don't. My characters and their worlds are fictional. I am not represented by their actions or inactions. This is a site for grown-ups.

3.9.12 I have a new website to add to the arsenal: sarahdvojack.com. Follow my BFA progress here! Cleaned house in the gallery. Older works have been removed.