Twenty-four-year-old overactive illustrating writer born in Washington and raised equally on either side of the state, frankly struggling to decide what to even write about here. Attended the University of Washington for two years, transferred to Cornish College of the Arts in 2008 for a BFA in graphic design; in dire need of more hours in the day, as I waste most of them thinking about what else I need to be doing. No longer sure what point of view I'm using. Obsessed to an unhealthy degree with vintage fashion, most especially the 1920s, and a vaudeville whore of many degrees except the one that would matter, actually being in vaudeville. Wildly into circus history. Always working to sound like Helen Kane. Formerly an Irish dancer, unable to shake the itch and so trebles everywhere and would like to attach herself to a new school. In the meantime, has been doing original jazz dances and Lindy Hop and encourages everyone to do the same, especially males. was created in 2005, the most recent in a handful of domains, each dedicated to something slightly different. I've been putting together websites for personal use since 1999 and really should be better at it than I am. Maybe I shouldn't have admitted how long I've been working with design. Pretend I just started.

The site's name is derived from an article of clothing significant to a long-standing project: a creative writing game begun in 2004. Jumper in this instance means 'sweater' and not the dress. Or a suicide jumper. This website could also accurately be called the green hoodie, but I would have to ask why.

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